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Movies I like

The Ones I can remember:

Oldies: Gone with the Wind, My Fair Lady, The Children's Hour [although i CANNOT watch that again], Breakfast at Tiffany's [Moon River- Classic!] Wait until Dark [is it obvious I like audrey hepburn? one of the classiest actresses to ever grace the screen]

Independent-y: Renaissance, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, In my Sleep, Memento, Chasing Amy

Time Travel: Harry Potter series, Count of Monte Cristo, Phantom of the Opera, Sherlock Holmes, Gladiator, 300, Alexander, Troy [fight scenes only. horrible interpretation of the Illiad]

Thunderous Bullets: Shoot em Up, Bourne Trilogy, V for Vendetta

Sci-Fi: STARWARS! Serenity, Matrix [the first 1 only!] Star Trek

Foreign: Europa, Before the Fall [German], Shutter [Thai] and endless Filipino Movies

TV shows I watch

What's on TV: Spartacus, Being Human, Big Bang Theory, Bones, Criminal Minds, Forensic Files [although i can't watch that at night] Wipeout [never fails to make me laugh]

DVD Collection: Daria, Dexter, Tudors, Rome, Entourage, Firefly, Cowboy Bebop and Xena of course

Behind Ze Bookcaze?!

and yes, that's from Young Frankenstein [or Frank-en-steen]

I do love to read and buy books - i think it's because i can't finish one of my own stories, so I just obsess about other people's works. 

Choices by Nancy Toder: I think this was the first lesbian story I've ever read. It gave a little insight to what lesbian teens struggle to over come. 

Accidental Love - BL Miller: one of my earliest fan fic books. I still love it. 
Graceful Waters - BL Miller

None so Blind - LJ Maas: Makes me cry every SINGLE time [how does she do that!?!?]

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling - who doesn't have these? Incredibly vivid imagination coupled with simple yet engaging descriptions and story telling. 

mini bio:

Initially hailing from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, faith currently lives through the characters in the dozen or so stories floating around in her disheveled mind.  

She enjoys cooking - tales with an odd mix of science fiction, ancient roman/greek settings, romance and tortured characters. 

In addition to her obsession with writing, she is also smitten with photography, drawing with charcoal and making melodramatic music videos. 

faith also enjoys candle-lit dinners, long walks on the beach, violent video games and movies that make you want to buy a bowflex machine and learn krav maga. 

My Xena Music Vids!

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    You're welcome so much!!
    Nice to meet you!! :-)
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    Friendly Kudo for you!


    Reply from ifaith:

    thank you so much! (^_^)
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    well, might take a while...but I am on it. Thanks ifait, will keep you posted

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    Thanks for accepting the friend invite!!!

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    Cool, thank you so much...that is really quite a good way of starting...In fact I already have some songs in my head and from now on I will watch all Xena episodes with an "editors eye" ...but I think I should maybe write down which scenes I like and where they are in the ep. so I find them more easily, right.
    And one day I will also have a mac...

    3 days...WOW...that is nothing...I am impressed


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